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The bread of my life\ Sigal Weissbein

I want him to be big and strong .I want him to be fresh, natural and loving. Stiff at the surface and soft inside. I want him to be thick and sensual, when I touch him I want to feel his seeds, his living breath.
I want to feel I can't live without him. I want him to be wrapped around me until I forget who I am. I want to know he is there. Touch , touch, feel, feel then swallow. Who swallows who? I want to be lost in the taste of him. Bright or dark- I don't mind, but he has to remind me of my homeland, my long lost memories of parents and home. He has to remind me of HOME. I want him to be warm and comforting as my father used to be when I was a little girl. I want him to be a good friend and a good listener-not judging or telling me what to do. Just being there for me.
He has to have a history. A history of war and peace. I need to know that he has been through many things before he got to me. I want to feel the hands of those who touched him before. I want to know that my hands are the lasts. I'll become his peaceful era. He'll become the source for inspiration to me as much as i will become his.
I'll be his and he will belong to me. Two which become one until the very end.
This is how I want the bread of my life to be.

Wheat \ Ronny Someck
Translated by Vivian Eden

A wheatfield blows on my wife's head, and on my daughter's head.
How banal thus to describe blonde,
But nonetheless, there grows
The bread of my life.

Tarwe\ Ronny Someck
Vertaling: Hilde Pach

Een tarweled wuift op het hoofd van mijn vrouw en op
Het hoofd van mijn dochter.
Hoe banaal om zo blond te beschrijven,
En toch , daar groeit het brood
Van mijn leven.

The bread of my life- performance and workshop
Conducted by: Sigal Weissbein

Saturday 20.4 15:00-17:00
Sunday 21.4 15:00-17:00
Saturday 27.4 15:00-17:00

Bread is the basic food of all, for poverty or richness, all over the world. People fought for it and made peace by it. It has always been the basic and the essence of cultures and human life. Bread is also used as a symbol to the relationships between men and women and their roles in a family structure. The woman bakes the bread but the man provides it, as he is called-'bread winner'.

Baking bread takes time and effort- that is a great opportunity to take the time for an inner look and try to find the answers to questions like:
What is the bread of my life? Where does the essence of my life exist?
Through baking bread together, as a group and an individual experience we will try to answer these questions.

Actress and performer Sigal Weissbein will perform a monologue dealing with the search for a meaningful essence and will invite the audience to bake the bread of their life.